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If you are a research institute or university and want to widen your participation in European programmes, you might experience some difficulties:

  1. You have a project idea but not a group of partners to work with;
  2. You don’t have a project idea but have a group of partners to work with;
  3. You have excellent researchers but not sufficient time or experience to build an H2020 project;
  4. You are good in saying “what” but you feel insecure in saying “how” when you design a project;
  5. You need support in building a joint concept with heterogeneous stakeholders or support in the dialogue with the industry;
  6. You need help with the business, communication and exploitation plans;
  7. You want to concentrate on the scientific coordination of a project and to be relieved from the burden of technical and financial management;
  8. You want to ensure high quality of project management, keep activities on track, make sure impact and objectives are met, create added value to the results.

In Quadro Synergy we can answer your needs in the most efficient way in order to achieve the desired results.