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Stay focused on the scientific coordination and leave the technical and financial management to us. We will make sure the activities run smoothly. We will encourage out-of-the-box thinking. We will ensure added value to the implementation.

Level 1: Technical and financial management

  1. A comprehensive planning and analysis at the start of the project.
  2. Day-to-day consultations to the Coordinator and the partners.
  3. Coordination of the communication within the Consortium, organization of face-to-face meetings, ad-hoc virtual meetings.
  4. Follow-up of activities and on-time submission of deliverables.
  5. Submission of the technical and financial reports to the European Commission.
  6. Support to the Coordinator for the interim reviews.
  7. Overall check-up of deliverables before submission.

Level 2: Problem solving and risk prevention

  1. Solving problems in the course of implementation of tasks.
  2. Approach and strategy when change is needed.
  3. Risk assessment.
  4. Consultation with EC when necessary on issues which require approval.
  5. Support in decision making and finding alternatives in compliance with the project objectives and impact.
  6. Argumentation of requested changes in project activities.