About Us

The Company

Quadro Synergy Ltd. is a consultancy company specialized in EU projects setting-up and management, R&D projects for research institutes and universities, business development and investment projects for SMEs and large enterprises, business modeling and business plans, strategic planning and regional development.

The company was created with the mission to reinforce the collaboration within the quadruple helix in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe and contribute to a more dynamic and efficient transfer of knowledge and innovation. The company works for promoting innovation in the European economy, trans-national and cross-border collaboration, transfer of new and advanced technologies and know-how

We pursue this mission by:

  • Bringing together the policy makers, industry, researchers and civil society;
  • Building capacity in various professional groups by providing specialized trainings and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and international good practice;
  • Widening participation in European projects and international consortia;
  • Enhancing the capacity of companies to innovate by providing technology brokerage and consulting services;

We specialize in H2020 programme

Supporting research concepts and methodologies, studying and reinforcing value chains, engaging stakeholders in a dialogue, supporting regional social and economic development are activities which Quadro Synergy applies in implementing projects in different fields such as bioeconomy, education, agriculture, rural development, health, etc.

Why us?


We bring innovative ideas and apply creative approaches to everything we do. It is our firm belief that every business, concept, project needs creative thinking in order to be successful. Data is powerful and everyone can aggregate it but it is what you DO with the data that makes the difference.

Creativity is just as essential in problem solving. In project preparation, project management and general collaboration with clients and partners we:

  • search for integrity;
  • bring innovative approaches, reasoning, understanding and most of all: personality;
  • encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

This is how we create value.


It is the attitude to our clients and assignments that sets us apart. We don’t stop after the first project, instead we view our clients as long-term partners. We are truly interested in their needs and the results they want to achieve. We ensure good communication and shared understanding as a basis for the relations with clients.

We don’t just invest person months in our contracts, we invest energy and engage to deliver impact. We commit.


We make no compromises with quality. Every project is given the time it needs to develop in a well elaborated paper characterized by originality of ideas, coherence of exposition and sound argumentation.


We do not only elaborate “what”, we are very good in illustrating “how” when we write a project. We are convincing and this is seen and acknowledged.

Interdisciplinary communication

We are skilled in translating technical and scientific language in a shared “project” language, effectively mediating between industry and researchers and facilitating networking with a variety of stakeholders.

We will help you to build multi-stakeholder consortia and support you in the development of sound and clear interdisciplinary concepts, bringing together expertise from different knowledge domains and overcoming communication problems among experts from different disciplines.

Our Team

Teodora Marinova is the founder and Managing Director of Quadro Synergy.

  • 14 years experience in EU projects management: technical and financial management of R&D projects under H2020, FP7 and other EC funding programmes (Eurostars, Life, Erasmus+, Structural funds, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Phare Cross-border). Managed over 50 business investment and innovation projects for SMEs and R&D projects for European research institutes.
  • An expert in project setting up, strategic planning, business modelling and business plans, development of methodologies, innovation brokerage.
  • A public speaker, project evaluator, trainer for the business and research centers.
  • Graduated Sofia university “St. Kliment Ohridski” with Bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies and Master’s degree in Public Relations. Specialized Management of Finances at University of National and World Economy, Sofia.